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Night Beauties (2023)

Night Beauties (2023)

2023-05-15 TVB Jade
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Seasons and episodes

1 Season 1 May 15, 2023


The Kingdom Night Club “mamasan” Sa Ching-ha and her girls Shek Wai-king, Man Nga-lun, Kong Kit-yee and Yue Hau-hau get along well. Each of the quintet has her own reasons for playing the role of midnight lady. But they all have certain issues in their romantic relationships. After sacrificing everything for her boyfriend Dave, Nga-lun realizes she has been scammed. Wiseguy Cheuk Chi-fei wants to help her get out of this mess. However, their relationship becomes complicated due to Wai-king’s presence. Kit-yee has to make a choice between playboy Marco Hui and her old schoolmate Wong Tsun-kui. Hau-hau is messed up because of some freeloader. Ching-ha keeps waiting for her husband Lee Ching-lung to be released from prison. However … When nightclub people engage in power struggles, they do not hesitate to use dirty tricks to overpower their opponents. Moreover, everywhere is triad territory, and danger lurks around every corner in this place of indulgence and decadence.


Monica Chan is Sa Ching-ha
Sa Ching-ha
Jacky Cai is Man Nga-lun
Man Nga-lun
Elaine Yiu is Shek Wai-king
Shek Wai-king
Connie Man is Yue Hau-hau
Yue Hau-hau
Mat Yeung is Cheuk Chi-fei
Cheuk Chi-fei
Matthew Ko is Wong Tsun-kui
Wong Tsun-kui
Kelvin Kwan is Marco Hui
Marco Hui
Michael Tong is Lee Ching-lung
Lee Ching-lung